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Technical Support Help

Log In and Password Security

Every member is assigned a unique User ID and Password.  As with most password-protected subscription sites, the user agrees to have one subscription per person. It is your responsibility to protect your user ID and password.

Again, protection of user ID and password information is the sole responsibility of the member. User Subscription licenses are not intended to be shared licenses.

For security purposes, SurveyNavigator™ will automatically log off after 20 minutes of inactivity.

If you believe that your Username and Password has been compromised, send an email to After verifying your identity, we will send you a new password to the email address on file within 1 business day.

If you have forgotten your User ID and/or Password click here to recover your login information.

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When a City Does Not Appear in the Results

If a city does not appear in the results, possible reasons include the following:

  1. You unselected the city by mistake.

  2. No information was provided by the city.

  3. There was a selection criteria mismatch (for example, the city is not in a population size you specified).

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Copying/Pasting Results to a Spreadsheet or Word Processing Program

To copy results into a worksheet or document, select (highlight) the information you want to copy, click the "Edit" menu, and then click "Copy". Open the program that you want to paste the information to (for example, Excel) and click "Paste".

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You can print results by choosing the Print option from the File menu of your web browser.

You may need to change the page orientation to Landscape to avoid cutting off information. You can do this by choosing the Print option from the File menu of your web browser, clicking the Properties button, and selecting Landscape orientation.

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Lost Connection or No Response

Losing a connection can happen for a number of hardware or software reasons. SurveyNavigator™ was designed for maximum efficiency and information downloads within seconds. If your connection continues to be interrupted, you should contact your system administrator.

For security reasons, if you have logged in but have not had activity for 20 minutes, you will encounter the log-in page again when attempting to use the salaries or benefits pages. If this occurs, simply re-enter your User ID and Password and continue using the site as before.

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Compensation Support Help

Determining a Good Job Match

You can determine the job match by reviewing the job summary for any position. To review job summaries, select one or more job titles on the Salaries page and click the Display Job Summaries button.

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Choosing Benchmark Jobs for Comparison

To gain a good representation of your city's status in the market, we suggest that you survey at least 30% of all job titles when developing a salary structure. We also encourage you to include job titles that have a large number of incumbents such as "Clerk" in addition to difficult-to-place positions such as "Information Technology Director." Make sure to use the same benchmark jobs each year for true comparison purposes.

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Choosing Benchmark Cities for Comparison

The most appropriate cities for comparison are those that are truly viewed as "competition". Some questions to consider are the following:

  1. Are their characteristics similar to ours, such as tax base, population, and number of employees?

  2. Are they near us geographically?

  3. Are we likely to lose employees to them?

  4. Can I justify why I chose these cities in my survey database?

  5. Does my city have certain requirements for benchmark cities? If so, have I followed these guidelines?

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Converting Salaries

To convert salaries, use the following formulas:

  • Yearly to monthly = Yearly salary divided by 12

  • Yearly to hourly = Yearly salary divided by 2080

  • Monthly to yearly = Monthly salary multiplied by 12

  • Monthly to hourly = Monthly salary divided by 173.35

  • Hourly to monthly = Hourly salary multiplied by 173.35

  • Hourly to yearly = Hourly salary multiplied by 2080

These conversion formulas are based on the standard number of working hours in a calendar year (2080 hours).

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Aging the Salary Data

Compensation programs designed for future implementation depend on the ability to project previously collected data meaningfully. Aging is a method available for ensuring the timeliness of information used, by adjusting for the time between data collection and date of data use. By applying market trend analysis, one can determine the average percent movement of salaries during a specific period. This enables defining the percentage that salaries are expected to move each month, which can then be used to age data to a specific time.

The Effective Date that you enter determines the aging factor used to calculate the Aged Average displayed at the end of the results table. The displayed Minimum, Maximum, and Average data are Unaged. Only the Aged Average has been forecasted using the entered Effective Date.

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About the Data

Salary and Benefit information is updated periodically as data is received by the online entry system. Participating cities receive a formal annual request to review their data and provide updates after the start of each new calendar year.

Because of the focus on timely salary data at this site, you may wonder whether an error has occurred if you find that data for a job title that you acquired one day is different from that acquired on another day. If this occurs, it is most likely because we have updated our database between the dates of your two data retrievals. Other possible reasons for data being different are that you inadvertently specified a different effective date or entered a different salary amount for comparison.

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